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summer-veg-sandwich recipe

Date: Tue, 27 Jun 95 12:26:10 EDT
 From: nquotson@colybrand.com (Nicole Quotson -- BA - Chicago )
 Summer veggie sandwich
 Hi everyone! I'm a new subscriber and wanted to share one of my
 favorite dinners for summertime:
 	Slice the following:
 		artichoke hearts (from a can is fine..NOT in oil)
 		plum tomato
 		red bell pepper
 	Take 2 thick slices of you favorite bread (mine is Tomato
 	Basil from the Great Harvest Bread Co.) and thinnly spread
 	Dijon Mustard on each.  Place veggies on one piece of bread; 
 	drizzle with your favorite ff italian dressing/vinagrette. 
 	Place one piece of ff/soy mozarrella or provolone cheese on
 	veggies and broil both slices of bread until the cheese
 kwlacto lacto