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spicy-sandwich recipe

Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 23:46:34 -0700
From: Daiajo Tibdixious MACS (svist070@svs30.stvincents.COM.AU)
Message-Id: (009DE17E.E22DBAEC.1@svs30.stvincents.com.au)

Spicy (Lacto) Vegetarian Sandwitch
This comes in 3 versions, depending on whether you are going to eat it
straight away or keep it, and a whether you have low fat cheese slices.


A sandwitch can be considered just a list of ingrediants, you just put them
on bread, however I wanted a sandwitch which could be kept for at least a
day without the bread getting soggy. I also want to be able to bite into it
without the insides spilling out the opposite end.


sliced multi-grain bread - with lesser bread its just a snack, not a meal
sliced fat free cheese - optional
canned sliced beetroot
whole tomato - preferrable with a diameter the same size as the bread
sprouts - any kind, optional
red onion - optional if eating right now, and don't like spicy
paper towels - if not eating straight away

Note the cheese is simply to help stop the beetroot and tomato juices from
reaching the bread. It addes flavour but is not essential.

I get a very cheap (generic brand) beetroot, as the pieces are more
variable in size, and this makes it easier to make a flat layer.

Sprouts have health warning in the USA and Australia, please check before
including them. Zuchini slices are a reasonable substitute.

Slice the red onion thicker for more spice. If not eating straight away,
include it anyway, as the sandwitch goes a little bland after a few hours.
I punch out the growing center of each slice.


cheese first, or lettuce if not using cheese, to seal the bottom layer of

beetroot second, 1 layer. If the sandwitch is not being eaten straight
away, drop the beetroot on a paper towel to get rid of some of the juice.
Flip it over to dry both sides before using it.

tomato third. I slice each slice in half, and put the straight edge against
the outside of the bread slice. This gives a more stable sandwitch.

sprouts fourth. Make an even layer.

red onion fifth, just a single slice, not a layer

lettuce last, to seal the top layer of bread.


The sandwitches stack about 5 high, retain their flavour over time,
mimimise soggy bread, and don't explode when bitten.

kwlacto lacto