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eggplant-sandwich-2 recipe

Date:    Wed, 14 Sep 94 13:48:53 CDT
 From:    kfischer@acpub.duke.edu (Karen Fischer)
 Eggplant sandwich
 1. Slice an eggplant into round, 1/4" or so slices. Salt, let sit for an
 hour or so, wash and pat dry (this all to remove bitterness). Then layer on
 a cookie sheet and bake about 10-15 min at 350=B0 until soft. Alternately,
 grill slices. Keep in fridge until you crave a sandwich.
 2. Sandwich time...On some wonderful bread, maybe warmed up a bit, layer
 eggplant slices, juicy fresh tomato slices, and, the key ingredient, fresh
 basil leaves. Yum.
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