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salsa-verde-3 recipe

Date: Tue, 20 Jun 1995 10:31:16 +0800
 From: Roni.Gildenston@Corp.Sun.COM (Roni Gildenston)
 Salsa Verde...
 jalpenos (I prefer pickled - they blend finer)
 cilantro (fresh)
 Garlic (fresh if you like it strong)
 vinegar (just a touch.  You mentioned
 	lime juice which would be good
 	instead of vinegar).
 cumin and/or mexican seasonings
 	(I like to add Schilling 
 	brand "Mexican seasonings"
 	and a *little* cumin).
 Sorry about the lack of measurements.  I 
 don't measure when I make salsa - it's 
 purely done by taste.  I de-husk the 
 tomatillos, cut out the stem, and throw
 all ingredients in a blender and whirr 
 away.  Add the seasonings and cilantro
 lightly at first - you can always add
 more if needed.  If you don't like it
 hot, then keep the peppers to a minimum
 or leave them out.  But, somehow salsa
 without peppers just wouldn't seem 
 quite ethical. ;)  Experiment with 
 the measurements and enjoy!  
 kwvegan vegan