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salsa-7 recipe

Date: Mon, 24 Jul 95 21:04:23 EST
 From: "Graham Gibbs" (ggibbs@us.net)
 Someone had wrote awhile back asking for a salsa recipe.  Well here's mine, 
 it's easy and so good I use it as a dressing on salads.
 1  16oz can tomatoes, chop up tomatoes and dump liquid and tomatoes in bowl
 2  3 1/2 oz can of green chilies, already chopped if you can get them, keep 
 liquid here too.  If you can't get the already chopped then chop the whole 
 and keep one can of liquid, discard the other
 1  bunch of green onions chopped
 basil, hot sauce and pepper to taste (it gets alittle hotter the longer it 
 Mix let chill for atleast an hour.
 I love this stuff.
 kwvegan vegan