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salsa-4 recipe

Date:    Wed, 19 Oct 94 11:35:09 CDT
 From:    Doug Harder (HARDERD@GBMS01.UWGB.EDU)
 20 Med. tomatoes
 1-14 Jalapeno peppers minced and seeded
 2 Red Bell Peppers
 2 green Bell Peppers
 4 Onions
 1/4 C salt or to your taste
 1 1/2 lemon juice
 1. Chop veg and boil until thick (about three hours) then add 4 T
 cornstarch and boil for 15 min. The original recipe called for 14
 Jalapenos, but you should vary with the hottness of the peppers and to your
 taste.  I cook this salsa in with my brown rice.  Quick, easy, and good.
 My dad put up 60 pints this year!! Let me know if you like it.
 kwvegan vegan