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Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 09:09:18 -0700
From: kenneth roberts (rkr1@airmail.net)
Message-Id: (3752B42E.4C64@airmail.net)

Easy Pico

The first thing to remember, (Freshness) is the key.

6-Large home grown tomatos (diced small)
1-Large sweet white onion (diced small)
1-bellpepper (diced small) note- mixed red,green,and yellow for color
3-Large fresh jalapinos (diced fine) -seeded for mild
1/2 cup cilantro (diced med.)
1/2 Large lemmon squeezed
1/3 tsp season salt

Put all above in stainless steel bowl. Mix well with wooden spoon.
Do not use metal spoon in metal bowl. Will give you a very tin-like
taste. Cover and chill for 1hr. For that super flavor, let chill

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