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jicama-vidalia-salsa recipe

Date:  4 Aug 95 11:58:27 ES
 From: Ed Resnick(EResnick@wecnotes.semcor.com)
 This jicama recipe was posted to the Chile-Heads list.
 Bill McClain's Jicama/vidalia salsa
 1 jicama (approx. 1 lb)
 1 lg vidalia onion  (about the same size as the jicama. Vidalias don't need to  
     be used, as long as the onion is a white, sweet one. 'Texas Sweets' are the 
     same thing as Vidalias [don't tell the Vidalia SS], just grown in Texas)
 2 small carrots (optional)
 3 (-) cloves garlic [we like a lot of garlic]
 1/4 (+) cup white vinegar
 2 fresh jalapenos
 5 dried anchos
 2 dried habaneros
 dash salt
 Peel the jicama, onion, and carrot, dice [cha, cha, cha]. Throw
 everything in  the blender and grind to your liking. You may need to add
 just a bit more  vinegar (or for an extra kick a shot or two of tequila)
 if the mixture is too  dry. Let stand or refrigerate for at least 2
 hours to let everything meld. Use  creatively. Of course, use the chiles
 of your preference, and in your preferred  quantites. The idea is to
 blend a nice deep burn with a sweet aftertaste (from  the sweet onion
 and jicama). Eat in good health!
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