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un-ceasar-salad recipe

Date:    Sun, 13 Nov 94 10:19:03 CST
 From:    "Catherine A. Foulston" (cathyf@windrose.rice.edu)
 When I am eating fatfree I really miss Caesar salad.  I won't
 pretend this recipe tastes exactly or even a lot like Caesar
 salad, because it doesn't.  But it is at least reminiscent of
 it, and I think it's tasty whether it's like Caesar or not.
 Nikki and David Goldbeck's Caesar salad recipe, from American
 Wholefoods Cuisine, was the jumping-off point, although I'm not
 sure they'd recognize the end result.
 Un-Caesar Salad
 	1-4 cloves garlic, to taste, chopped
 		(I used 4 and it was hot and garlicky)
 	4 T fresh lemon juice
 	1 T capers including the brine
 	4 T chickpeas
 	4 T additional chickpea can or cooking liquid
 	2 tsp tamari, or to taste - depends on salt in beans
 	additional capers for garnish
 	croutons (optional)
 	Romaine lettuce
 Blend everything except the last three items until only tiny
 pieces of chickpea are visible.  (I used a Braun hand-blender).
 Toss Romaine lettuce with mixture.  Garnish with the capers and
 fresh ground black pepper and croutons.  Makes somewhere around 1
 kwvegan vegan