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rutabaga-salad recipe

Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 16:22:41 +0300
From: "Nora London" (nora@nixu.fi)

thinking about rutabagas made me remember the rutabaga salad we used
to have as side dish at school (like 15 years ago).

Rutabaga salad

rutabaga (a whole or a smaller piece of a big one)
an orange
raisins (not many, rutabaga and orange are the main ingredients here)

Peel rutabaga and grate it into strips, put the strips to a bowl. Peel the 
orange and cut it into 2 cm (about 2/3 inch) wide pieces and mix the juicy 
pieces with rutabaga. Add some raisins.

Can be made beforehand.

Uncooked rutabaga may have very hard, even badtasting, skin (even like 2 cm), 
so remember to peel well.

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