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radish-cucumber-salad recipe

Date:    Fri, 29 Jul 94 12:28:00 EDT
 From:    SALLY MARTINY (MARTINY.SALLY@epamail.epa.gov)
 Radish Cucumber Salad
           2 parts vinegar
           1 part water (or sherry, if you like)
           1 part soy sauce (I use tamari -- I like the deeper flavour - you 
           can also use salt to taste if you prefer a "cleaner" color to the 
           1-2 drops of toasted sesame oil (for flavour - it's worth it)
           sugar to taste 
           (Optional - a scrape of fresh ginger livens it up, but can 
           overwhelm the other tastes.  Be careful with it.)
           Adjust the parts until the dressing is to your liking.  I like it 
           fairly vinegary.  The amount will depend on how much vegetable 
           you are dressing.
           Radishes:  trim and slice thinly.  The Chinese lightly smash the 
           radish slices  (I use the bottom of a heavy glass), thus the 
           salad is called "Smashed Radishes" (great name for getting kids 
           to try it).
           Cucumbers: trim and slice thinly.  I like to score the cucumber 
           before slicing it, to give it an interesting design.  
           I usually put the radishes or cucumbers (or combined) in a 
           plastic bag and pour the dressing over.  This way I can get the 
           air out of the bag and not worry about having to turn the veggies 
           while they marinate.  Refrigerate for at least an hour.  (Longer 
           is okay, but the veggies will look darker the longer they sit in 
           the soy sauce dressing.)  
           I take this to lunch as a relish/salad when I'm tired of dill 
           pickles and pickled carrots.  I like the heat of the radishes.
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