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mudpie-salad recipe

Date:    Thu, 22 Jul 93 12:14:05 PDT
 From:    Lisa Corsetti (lisa@zeppelin.llnl.gov)
 MudPie Salad
 1/2 cup Fantastic foods black bean dip mix
 Boiling water
 1 cup coleslaw
 1 cup shredded carrots
 1 tomato, diced
 1/2 - 1 cup crunched up tortilla chips (I use non-fat baked kind)
 2 tblsp salsa
 Add enough boiling water to the black beans to fill the cup
 to 3/4 or a little more (you will have to judge this yourself
 to see what consistency you like).  Wait about 5-10 minutes
 stirring every few minutes until they reconstitute.  Add more
 water if too thick.
 Combine the coleslaw, carrots and tomato on a large plate.
 Top with chips, then with the beans, then add the salsa.
 Mix all together until it looks like a mudpie, and eat!
 * if you like more zing, use more salsa.  
 kwvegan vegan