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macedonian-salad recipe

Date: 26 Jun 1995 08:32:37 U
 From: "Zoe Sodja" (zoe_sodja@macmail.ucsc.edu)
 2 small eggplants
 2 medium tomatoes
 2 scallions
 1 cucumber
 1 green pepper
 1 sweet red pepper
 chopped parsley
 2 cloves crushed garlic
 2 T dry red wine
 juice from 1 lemon
 1/2 C wine vinegar
 1/2 tsp sale
 black pepper
 1 tsp basil
 1/2 tsp each oregano & thyme
 1/2 tsp oregano & thyme
 I added more vinegar to make it enough liquid
 Slice peel & lightly sale eggplant. Let stand 10 minutes. Broil until brown on
 both sides. Don't undercook or overcook. Slices should be just tender enough
 so fork can slide in.
 Prepare marinade. Chop the still-warm eggplant into bite-sized chunks, cover
 with marinade & let it absorb as it cools. Chill marinating eggplant for 2
 Just before serving, cut the other vegetables into small chunks & toss with
 Serve on greens, topped with yogurt.
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