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island-salad recipe

Date:    Mon, 30 Jan 95 10:23:46 EST
 From:    aiko@epoch.com (Aiko Pinkoski)
 This salad is also from 500 Fatfree Recipes (which I do like, generally; 
 I made three other recipes from it this weekend and they were all good).
 I took it to a superbowl party yesterday, and everyone (including my
 husband who HATES yogurt with a passion) liked it.  I recommend serving
 it with something strong (we had spicy barbeque) since it is quite mild.
 I *think* it is called island salad, but I might be wrong.  Next time
 I might try making it with lemon yogurt, or add some caraway seeds.
 This is also a nice recipe to make with children; my 4.5yo loved helping
 me dice the veggies (start with the banana, and see how they handle that
 if they are not used to knives) and even ate some of it.
 1 cucumber, diced small
 1 green pepper, diced small (orig says 2, I thought it was too much)
 2 bananas, thinly sliced
 2 oranges, peeled and cut into small wedges
 1 cup plain nonfat yogurt (orig. says 1/2 c, but that seemed too little....
    maybe my veggies were bigger than average :-)
 Mix and serve. (yes that's it!)
 kwlacto lacto