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eggplant-pepper-salad recipe

Date:    10 Aug 93 15:05:42 -0900
 From:    "Ari Kornfeld" (ari_kornfeld@qm.sri.com)
  1 medium eggplant
  1 medium-large red-bell pepper.
  3 cloves garlic
  a little lemon juice
 1. Roast the eggplant:  I used Joyce Goldstein's method:  heat oven to 450
 degrees F, puncture the eggplant with a fork in several places, put it in oven
 on non-stick pan.  turn every 20 minutes.  Take it out after 45 minutes.   
 When it has cooled scoop out the insides.  J. suggests draining the "bitter"
 juices.  I don't find the juices bitter and keep them in the mix.
 2.  Roast the pepper.  I tried the "over the burner method" this time.  Just
 put the pepper right on the burner (gas) with medium flame and turn as the skin
 gets black.  Problem was that it's not very even.  I prefer the "broiler"
 method which I tried last time - just stick it in the broiler until the skin is
 black - turn once for evenness.  (Actually I cut it in half and didn't turn at
   Put in a bag for ten minutes to let it steam and then remove the peel under
 cold water, if necessary, and remove the core/seeds.
 3. Mash the eggplant, dice the pepper, mash/dice the garlic and mix it all
 together.  If you are worried that eggplant will become bitter on exposure to
 air add some lemon juice.  The ascorbic acid (vit. c) will prevent the
 oxidation (just like it does in your body!)
  The raw garlic taste was too strong for me, next time I will roast them and
 see how that tastes.  Adding lemon juice cut back the garlic a bit.
   The mixture doesn't look great as a salad.  Perhaps it should be a spread?...
   It could use some extra "taste"  herbs? spices? other stuff?
 kwvegan vegan