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beet-orange-salad recipe

Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 10:36:39 -0500 (EST)
 From: "Christian P. Roberts" (cpr4k@virginia.edu)
 Here's a beet and orange salad that was certainly colorful and
 gave all a choice (don't like beets? go for the oranges...)
 	BEET & ORANGE SALAD                              serves 6
 	1 16oz can sliced beets, drained	3 Tbs cider vinegar
 	1/4 c chopped red onion 		1/4 tsp ground cumin
 	green leaf lettuce			1 tsp sugar
  	2 large oranges, peeled, sectioned
 	Put vinegar, cumin, and sugar in a non-staining bowl and stir
 	until sugar is dissolved.  Add onion and beets and stir gently
 	to coat with marinade.  Refrigerate for at least an hour.
 	Line a plate with lettuce leaves; remove beets and onions from
 	marinade using a slotted spoon and place in the middle of the
 	plate.  Encircle the  beets with orange wedges.  
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