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baby-carriage-salad recipe

Date:    Sat, 25 Jun 94 09:46:32 CDT
 Great for a baby shower!
 Watermelon Baby carriage Salad
 1 well shaped watermelon
 1 honeydew melon
 2 cantalopes
 2 pink grapefruit
 4-6 toothpicks
 You first need to cut the watermelon.  This is hard to describe
   .......................            so excuse my crude drawing.
  .      |                 .
 .       |_________________ .     Then scoop out the insides of the watermelon
 .                         .      I would reccommend getting rid of the seeds
 .                        .       refill with melon balls and de seeded 
  .                      .        watermelon.  If you cut it right, you 
   ......................         will also have slices of watermelon with
                                  the rind from the part that you cut away
 to form the cradle.  After your salad is done, and placed in a stable
 place.  Cut the grapefruit in half.  Put a toothpick in the rind and secure
 to the bottom of the watermelon.  these are your wheels.  If found that if 
 I poked a hole in the watermelon first with the toothpick it was easier.
 This was a big hit at the party.  Every one thought it was darling and
 Southerners love watermelon.  
 kwvegan vegan