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spanish-rice-8 recipe

Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 11:35:17 PDT
From: Regina Rico (rrico@cax.es.xerox.com)

Spanish Rice


	1C rice
	1 small can of tomato paste
	1/4C diced onion
	2 cloves fresh garlic (can use 1t of minced garlic)
	1/4t black pepper

Using a non-stick pan, place rice (must be rinsed and dryed) in the pan 
using a low to medium flame.  You will need to continually stir the rice to 
avoid burning and insure that the rice browns.

Once the rice is browned add water.  The water should be 1 inch above the 
surface of the rice.

Add the diced onions, the garlic (if whole cloves used you will need to 
crush), black pepper and the tomato paste.  Stir throughly and bring to a 

Lower flame to simmer and cover the pan.

The rice should not take more than 15 minutes depending on the flame.

I have used this recipe in an attempt to remove the fat from homestyle 
mexican food (I was raised on).  The rice tastes just as good if not better 
than the traditional spanish rice which calls for frying the rice.

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