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sweet-potato-custard recipe

Date: Mon, 21 Sep 98 16:54:31 -0900
From: elle (elle@europa.com)

sweet potato custard (sort of)

I really was in the mood for something sweet and custardy this afternoon..

oven to 300

1 medium sweet potato
liquid stevia
1/2 tsp of pum'kin pie spice
1 tbsp soy milk (or substitute)

bake the washed and halved potato in a covered pyrex dish with the water, 
stevia and pie spice in the bottom for about an hour or until the sweet 
potato is soft.

The peel should slip right off.  mash the remaining water and
seasoning with the sweet potato and add the milk sub.  I didn't have
graham crackers on hand but think this would almost be like a small
pie if mashed graham crackers were put in the bottom of a custard dish
with this on top.  Serve warm.  It was yummy and hit the spot.

kwvegan vegan