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unfried-potatoes recipe

Date: Fri, 16 Jun 1995 10:59:48 -0700
 From: Judy.Mingram@West.Sun.COM (Judy Mingram - SunSelect)
 Unfried Potatoes
 Just came up with a successful way to satisfy my urge for fried
 potatoes in a non-fat way and thought it might be interesting to
 I start with a large baking potato, poke it with a fork and microwave
 it on high for 7 minutes, or until it gives when you squeeze it but
 does not fall apart.  Then I peel the peeling off carefully, cause it's
 hot (you can leave it on if you want to).  I then split the potato in
 half the long way, lay the cut side down and slice half rounds about
 3/4" thick.  I heat a large non-stick skillet, lightly spray with Pam,
 and lay the half rounds in the skillet and leave until very dark
 brown.  You can season them at this point, I use salt and pepper and
 crazy salt.  Then I turn them to the other side and brown well.  Then I
 eat them real fast before anyone can take them from me!
 By the way, you may want to make more than one potato per person, as
 these seem to go very fast, especially with teenagers!
 kwvegan vegan