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twice-baked-potatoes recipe

Date:    Fri, 04 Mar 94 15:33:57 EST
 From:    Laurie Kramer (kramerl@gdb.org)
 Twice-baked potatoes with spinach and cheese (lacto)
 (Note:  I adapted this from a recipe in Ornish's _Eat More Weigh Less_.  This
 is somewhat easier.)
 1.  Nuke or bake a couple of baking potatoes.  Since this is the basis of
     your dinner, consider 1.5 - 2 per person.
 2.  Chop up fresh spinach (remove stems) and steam until totally wilted.
 3.  When the potatoes are done (ready to eat), scoop them out of their
     skins, leaving the skins intact  (a bit of a challenge).
 4.  In a mixing bowl, combine potatoes, spinach, fat-free cottage cheese, 
     a little shredded fat-free cheddar (mainly for texture), and warmed 
     skim milk to keep the mixture moist.  I season with garlic powder, 
     salt and pepper. 
 5.  Spoon back into potato skins and bake @ 350 for 30-40 minutes.
 kwlacto lacto