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spud-spinach-bake recipe

Date:          Thu, 3 Aug 1995 12:28:35 GMT+800
 From: "Paul Carreno" (PCARRENO@acserv.ad.cowan.edu.au)
 I discovered that one way of getting teenagers to eat
 LF is to prepare meals and bake them. Leftovers are cut up
 and left in the fridge for those "unexpected" hunger pains
 in between meals. I need some bake ideas/recipes.
 This is something that I tried last night.
 I dont have measures but it was simple:
 Spud n Spinack Bake
 Equal amounts of mashed potatoes (leftovers or nuke some
 whole potatoes and scoop flesh out) and chopped up cooked
 spinach or silverbeet (not sure if it is known by that name
 in the US. It is like spinach but larger, darker green  and 
 wrinklier leaves)
 Can also use frozen spinach.
 Mix in bowl with some ricotta or cottage cheese and some
 LF sour cream. Sprinkle some black pepper to taste. Leave
 standing while you do the onions and spices.
 Saute some shallots (or onions) in balsamic vinegar and a
 drop of lemon juice. Put some garlic paste to taste.
 Sprinkle your favourite spices. I used oregano, cumin and
 paprika. Stir for a a couple of minutes to blend flavours.
 Then put onion mix into the potato/spinach mix and blend
 well with a wooden spoon.
 Spray some oil/Pam in the bottom of an oven proof
 container and spoon in the mix.
 Cover with a thin layer of bread crumbs and/or LF grated
 cheese of choice.
 I do not use any cheese at all and it turned out OK. 
 Bake at round 375 F for about 25 min. I have
 2 ovens in my kitchen and the times for baking are different
 so check every 10 minutes or so and adjust accordingly.
 Serve as a snack or with cold salad.
 Hope you enjoy and await some of your ideas.
 kwlacto lacto