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potatoes-fenugreek-leaves recipe

Date: Wed, 4 Jan 1995 10:09:11 -0800 (PST)
 From: nalini@Rational.COM (Nalini Ganapati)
 	Fenugreek leaves and seeds are two different things like
 coriander seeds and cilantro leaves. You can't really use them
 interchangeably; the leaves are cooked like greens(spinach, kale, 
 mustard, etc.) and have a pleasant bitter edge once you get used
 to them. The seeds, on the other hand, are used as a spice in curries
 and Indian-style pickles. Well, to the problem of what you can do with
 the dry leaves, here is a recipe that will give a general idea of its
 use. For fenugreek seeds, try an Indian store, they will definitely have
 Potatoes with fenugreek leaves. (T)
 * About 4-5 medium sized potatoes. Any type of potato other than the baking
   ones will do.
 * A bunch of fenugreek greens OR a small bunch of spinach+dried fenugreek leaves
 * A few mustard seeds
 * A pinch asafoetida (optional, but it really adds to the flavor here)
 * Cayenne/Chili powder
 * A pinch turmeric
 * Salt
 * A small pinch of sugar
 * Your favorite liquid for sauteeing(water or vegetable broth)
 Boil and cube the potatoes. Wash the greens, shred into fine strands and set
 aside. Heat a good non-stick pan and add the mustard seeds. As soon as they 
 start spluttering, add the asafetida, fry for a couple of seconds and then add
 the cayenne/chili powder and turmeric and continue sauteeing adding a bit of
 liquid if it sticks. If dried fenugreek leaves are used, crush them a bit  
 and add at this point. Add the cubed potatoes, salt and sugar and reduce the
 flame to medium. Saute potatoes without adding any more liquid till a nice
 crust forms around them. Now start adding the shredded greens, a little at a
 time. Continue sauteeing till all the liquid is absorbed and the greens are all
 wilted. Serve with chapatis(the types that are roasted on an open flame, called
 phulkas) or with steamed rice and dhal. 
 ) (For those who are wondering, fenugreek has a 'spicy' taste most
 ) similar to the effect of cumin - it makes the food spicier without
 ) adding a particular taste of its own.  *Not* spicy as in capsicum...
 ) just a vague idea that the food is spicy.  (How *do* you describe the
 ) taste of a new food???))
 )  - Aliza
 ) (*)  Gaithersburg, Md., Rt. 355 just north of Shady Grove Rd., east
 ) side of the road, in the same strip mall as "Tippy's Tacos".
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