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potato-latkes-2 recipe

Date:    Mon, 28 Nov 94 08:58:32 EST
 From:    tron!clevax.dnet!fishman@uunet.uu.net (RON FISHMAN)
 We made fatfree latkes yesterday and just as many of them got eaten as 
 when we made them the more traditional way.  Everyone has seconds and 
 even thirds so they were a hit.
 Potato Latkes
 6 Potatos
 1 onion
 4 egg whites
 1/4 cup matzoh meal ( or flour)
 salt & pepper
 -  Peel potatos and shred in food processor
 - Remove potatos & squeeze water out of shredded potatos.
 - Shred onion in food processor.
 - Add all ingredients ot processor and process until well mixed 
 using steel knife.
 - Fry in nonstick pan until golden brown using a small amount of cooking 
 - Serve with applesauce and fatfree sourcream.
 kwovo ovo