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potato-gratin recipe

Date: Tue, 01 Jul 1997 23:50:02 -0700
From: Ilene Goldman (igoldman@sfo.com)

potato gratin

Here is a good cheeseless potato gratin recipe fromTomato Blessings and
Radish Teachings:

3 red potatoes
1 celery root, peeled
1 fennel bulb
6 cloves garlic
1 T fresh thme, minced

Cut potatoes into eighths or smaller ( I sliced them thinly).   Slice up
fennel bulb and celery root.  Peel garlic cloves and slice into quarters.
Spray a large baking pan and put in the cut vegetables along with the
thyme, salt, and pepper.  Cover and bake at 375 degrees  for 80 minutes.
Garnish with minced green of the fennel and some fresh thyme.

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