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mashed-hominy-potatoes recipe

Date:    Mon, 16 Aug 93 10:03:44 EDT
 From:    jfrawley@mailbox.syr.edu
 This recipe came about when I was pawing through the refrigerator trying
 to figure out something substantial but quick for dinner.  Here's what
 I ended up with.
 *Mashed Potatoes Extrordinaire*
 Four medium sized red potatoes with skins on, washed and quartered
 (I had to remove some blemishes from mine; other than that I left
 them intact)
 1/2 can white hominy (no kidding)
 1-2 large stalks red kale (the stalks I got at the co-op were huge),
 torn (or chopped) into bit-sized pieces
 1/2 packet miso soup (dry mix - instant miso)
 garlic powder (I forgot to saute some garlic, so I used the powder)
 black pepper
 smidgeon of tamari and/or vinegar
 Cook the potatoes until they are beginning to soften.  Add the chopped up 
 stalks of kale to the potatoes and cook until both are soft (or to your
 liking).  Drain the potato/kale mixture. Reserve some water and
 do what you will with the rest.  I saved this water to feed
 my plants; they always perk up nice with veggie water.  Put the potato/kale
 mix back in the pan.  Add the hominy.  Begin mashing with a potato
 masher.  Add some of the reserved potato water or soy milk to get them
 to the proper consistency.  Add the miso soup mix, tamari/vinegar, garlic
 powder, pepper to taste.  I used the miso soup mix because my mother
 gave me a box with 8 packets in; I don't really like soup, so I use
 the dry mix instead of simply salting my food.  YMMV.
 kwvegan vegan