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gnocchi-7 recipe

Date:    Wed, 30 Nov 94 14:34:43 PST
 From:    Doreen (doreen@geoworks.com)
 My family's secret to successful gnocchi will shock you -- we use Potato 
 Buds instead of real potatoes. The moisture is much easier to gauge, 
 since P.Buds are always the same and potatoes will vary widely. 
 Potato Buds do have preservatives in them, but there are a few 
 non-preserved alternatives out there. 
 Just in case anyone's brave enough to give the recipe a try, here it is:
 Foolproof Gnocchi
 1 5-oz. box instant potato buds
 2 cups boiling water
 1 egg's worth egg replacer (or two egg whites -- necessary for binding)
 2 cups flour (whole wheat works fine)
 Mix the potato buds and water together like mashed potatoes. Cool. Add 
 egg replacer and flour. Knead lightly on floured board. Take a small 
 protion at a time and roll on flloured board into strips about 1 inch 
 thick. Cut small pieces about 1 inch long. Roll each piece over a fork, 
 making an impression with your thumb, to give the pieces the classic 
 gnocchi shape. Be sure to keep the dough floured well, or it will become 
 sticky. Place the peices on a floured cookie sheet, making sure they 
 don't touch. Drop the pieces into boiling water. After they reach the 
 surface (which may be almost immediately), cook them _gently_ (don't boil 
 them!) for 5 to 10 minutes. Drain and serve with the sauce of your choice.
 I'd be interested to hear any experiences you might have with the recipe.
 kwovo ovo