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gnocchi-2 recipe

Date:    Mon, 02 Aug 93 14:53:46 EDT
 From:    "Sara J. Gottlieb" (gottlieb@cbl.umd.edu)
 Tried a WONDERFUL and EASY dish this weekend.  Gnocchi are delicious
 Italian potato "dumplings" and I found the recipe in the Washington Post
 food section last week...this is from memory...
 Potato Gnocchi
 1.5 lbs russett potatoes
 1.5 cups flour (semolina, but I used regular all-purpose)
 1 egg-replacer egg
 Bake the potatoes in the microwave or the old-fashioned way..till just a
 bit soft.  Peel the potatoes and mash with the egg mix.  Add flour .5 cup
 at a time and mix thoroughly.  When you have a doughy substance (fairly
 smooth and not too dry) tear off 1/3 of the dough and roll into a rope 1/2
 inch thick.  (oh, flour your hands and a flat surface or it will stick!) 
 Cut off 1 inch slices from the rope and put a dimple into the pieces. 
 Boil a large pot of water.  Add the dumplings to the boiling water and let
 cook for about 2 minutes...it's surprisingly fast....until they rise to
 the surface.  Top with any sauce you like, or none at all.....this is
 about 4 servings.  Delicious!
 kwvegan vegan