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Date:    Wed, 12 May 93 11:46:13 EDT
 From:    Katie Livingston (katiel@Athena.MIT.EDU)
 An easy egg-free pasta is gnocchi (pronounced "nyucky").
 Boil/bake eight medium sized potatoes, and mash them (no
 milk or butter, but then on this group you wouldn't anyway!:)
 Be sure to remove the skin; trust me, you don't want it in
 the pasta.
 Add 1.5 to 2 cups (12 to 16 oz) of flour, and mix gently until
 everything sticks together but does not stick to your hands.
 Note: the more you knead, the more flour you'll require, and the
 more flour you use, the more leaden the gnocchi become!
 Pull off hunks of dough and roll into 1/2" (1.5cm) ropes. Cut
 into half-inch pieces, and dust with flour. Roll each piece
 over the back of a fork to make ridges (it's tricky...smoosh
 the piece against the fork tines, then roll it down and off the
 fork). Drop gnocchi into boiling salted water. When they float
 to the surface (2-3 mins later) they're done. Serve with a
 spicy tomato sauce, or maybe a soymilk-based cream sauce, if
 you can have that.
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