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french-fries recipe

Date:    Thu, 24 Feb 94 02:54:42 EST
 From:    mayflies@aol.com
 I came up with these last summer when I couldn't stand doing without fries.
 Bake several potatoes (micro or conventional)
 Let cool enough to handle
 Slice into wedges
 Place skin side down on a baking sheet
 Spray lightly with Pam
 Season as you prefer(I use salt & pepper, cayenne, paprika, etc)
 Bake at 450 for 10 min or until golden and crusty.
 You can also do a variation of this on a gas or charcoal grill - I
 think they're especially yummy grilled.  Same directions as above except
 spray grill with Pam before lighting and grill the potatoes on the "non-skin"
                            **DAIRY ALERT**
 My favorite dip for ff fries is a variation on Ranch Dip
 1 pkt Hidden Valley Ranch Buttermilk Recipe Dressing
 1 1/2 cups ff sour cream (Land 'O Lakes is my favorite)
 1/2 cup ff mayo
 Blend all ingredients until smooth.  You can use it right away and it's
 fine-but flavor seems better the next day.
 This has been a real life saver for my diet.  I feel like I'm not being
 deprived when I can have a "real" snack once in a while.
 kwvegan vegan