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couch-potatoes recipe

Date:    Fri, 15 Oct 93 17:51:42 CDT
 From:    (U33754%UICVM@UICVM.UIC.EDU)
 Couch Potatoes
 organic russet (baking) potatoes (1 per person)
 cooked brown rice (about 1 cup per person, I used short or medium grain)
 nutritional yeast (about 1-2 tbs per person)
 Wash surface of each potato (so skin eaters won't ingest any extraneous
 material), put potatoes in oven (or microwave) and bake to doneness.
 Cut each potato in half, and scoup out the insides.  Mix this potato meal
 with equal portions of cooked brown rice, and 1-2 tbs nut yeast per potato,
 perhaps 2 tbs if you really like yeast, and salt to taste.  Don't mash the
 potato meal.  Mix well and scoup back into the potato skin shells.
 If you are trying to get people to try this as a new thing, then don't
 serve it in the skin shells, IMO, instead put it in a serving bowl and
 serve hot.
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