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colcannon-3 recipe

Date:    Wed, 09 Mar 94 19:01:55 EST
 From:    epenzern@reach.com (Erika Penzer -- CA Counsel Connect - Burbank )
 3 baking potatoes
 2 small celery roots
 1 small or 1/2 large head green cabbage
 1 large onion
 1 bunch scallions
 Salt/pepper to taste
 Peel and cut into chunks the potatoes and celery roots, and boil
 in plenty of water until soft (took me about half an hour but I
 think it depends on how old and tough the celery root is).
 While these are boiling, chop the onion and cabbage into small
 pieces (I made about 1/2 inch squares). Saute in a bit of cooking
 spray for a few minutes. Then add about 1/4 cup water to the pan
 (I used a wok), cover, and let cook, stirring once in a while,
 until onion is browned and cabbage is tender. Chop the scallions
 after adding the water and throw them in after 10 minutes or so.
 Drain potatoes and celery root, place in a bowl, and mash with a
 wooden spoon or potato masher (no food processor! it turns
 potatoes to glue) -- it should be slightly lumpy. Add the
 cabbage-onion-scallion mixture and blend well. Season with salt
 and pepper to taste.
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