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Date:    Thu, 07 Oct 93 08:46:17 CDT
 From:    offer@mamba.asg.arlut.utexas.edu (Debora Offer)
 I use a recipe I got from "The New Laurel's Kitchen Cookbook"
 (or something like that) but without the dairy & fat
 5 1b potatoes
 large bunch of kale, chopped
 1 or 2 large onions, chopped
 Peel & slice the potatoes then cook in lightly salted water til
 tender (about 30 minutes).  Cook the kale & onion together with
 a little water til tender (about 10 minutess).  Mash the potatoes
 with enough of the cooking water to get the consistency you like
 then mix in the kale, onions & seasonings.
 This makes a lot but it keeps well in the fridge and it makes
 great breakfast tacos.  Just roll some up in a tortilla with some
 picante sauce and FF cheese.  
 kwvegan vegan