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wheatberry-pizza-dough recipe

Date:    Mon, 23 May 94 11:17:53 EDT
 From:    mmk3@Lehigh.EDU (MARGARET M. KING)
     NOTE: Need to start the night before to soak wheatberries.
     Wheatberry Pizza Dough(Eating Well May '92)
     1/2 c. wheatberries
     1 pkg. yeast(or 1Tbsp)
     4-41/2 c. all purpose flour
     1c whole wheat flour
     1 tsp.salt
     1. Combine wheatberries and 1 cup water in small bowl. Cover. & refrig.
     overnight. Drain and set aside.
     2. Combine yeast and 1/4c. water in small bowl and let stand until
     3. Combine salt and 2c. lukewarm water in another bowl.
     4. In yet another bowl, combine the wwflour, and 2 cups of white flour.
     5. Make a well in the dry ingred. bowl and add yeast mix and salt mix.
     Add the remaining white flour gradually to make a soft dough.
     6. Knead on a lightly floured surface for 8-10min. adding more flour
     as necessary to prevent sticking.
     7.Place dough in Pam sprayed bowl and turn dough to coat with spray.
     8. Cover with plastic and let rise until doubled(1-2hours)
     9. Punch down dough. At this point you can freeze portions for up to
     2 months. Bring to room temp before using.
     Makes 8 6 inch crusts.
     302 cal/crust. 9 g pro, 1g fat, 64g carb, 268mg sod, 0 mg chol.
     To make pizza crusts:
     1. Heat oven to hottest baking setting. Place rack in lowest position.
     Place an inverted cooking sheet or tiles or pizza stone on rack to heat.
     2. Divide dough into 8 sections(or less if using smaller batch)
     3. Roll dough section into a round. I found using a rolling pin makes a
     round shape.
     4. Place on an inverted cornmeal dusted baking sheet. Add your toppings.
     5. Slide unbaked pizza from the baking sheet into the oven with
     the heated baking sheet.
     6. Bake for 10-14 minutes or until it looks done. This depends on your
     oven temp. so keep a good eye on it the first few times you do this:)
     NOTE: This is the same issue that had the semolina pizza dough, so
     the instructions for assembly are pretty much the same.
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