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pepper-onion-pizza recipe

Date:    Fri, 27 Jan 95 17:27:29 -0400
 From:    frankm@extendsys.com (Frank I. Mason)
 Last week I was in Seattle @ Palomino an Italian Restaurant (downtown)
 and had there Pepper & Onion Pizza.  There ovens are heated with applewood
 and are a site to see in themselves.   The interesting parts of the pizza
 was a thin
 crisp crust (from the wood oven) and little if any sauce.
 Well here is my attempt from last night:  
 (just for fun I made it without a wood fired oven)
 Sweet Peppers & Onion Pizza:
 1/2 Cup                                  whole wheat flour
 1-1/4 to 1-1/2                         un-bleached  flour
 1 tsp.                                        yeast
 2 tsp.                                        sugar
 3/4 Cup                                   HOT water (120 deg)
 1/4 Cup                                   Corn Meal  (for flouring pan only)
 1 (6oz) can                               tomato paste
 1 medium                                 yellow pepper  
 1 medium                                 red pepper
 1 medium                                 yellow onion
 1 (8oz) can                              mushrooms (I didn't have any fresh
 1 Cup                                      FF mozzarella (or equivalent)
 1 (14oz) can                            Pealed Italian Tomatoes 
                                                 w/ Garlic & Spices ((DRAINED))
 2 cloves                                   garlic (I like my garlic if you
 PreHeat Oven to 450 deg.  
 First the crust, In a large bowl dissolve the yeast and sugar in hot water. 
 Add whole wheat flour and 1/2 Cup of the un-bleached flour and stir.  
 Work in the remaining flour till dough is dry enough to roll.  Roll dough
 on floured surface till thin and the size of a large cookie sheet. ( Mine was 
 so large I had to trim it).  Place on a corn meal floured cookie sheet.
 (I used a little oil spray to make the corn meal stick)
 At last Toppings, lightly brush the dough with tomato paste (I ended up using
 only 1/2 of the can).  Slice, mince, shred remaining ingredients place on pizza
 and slide in the oven for 15-20 minutes.
 The resulting dinner passed the significant other test...
 kwlacto lacto