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black-bean-pizza-dough recipe

Date:    Mon, 25 Apr 94 08:21:32 CDT
 From:    Jeanne Chappell (jchappel@tyrell.net)
 From "The Best Pizza is made at home" by Donna Rathmell German
      Black Bean Thin Crust Dough
 1t active dry yeast
 2 C bread flour
 1/4 t salt
 1/2 C lukewarm water
 1/2 t cayenne pepper, optional
 1/4 C black bean puree (if use canned beans, rinse and drain first)
 Combine and knead all ingredients (I used my bread machine)
 Let rise 50-60 minutes
 Roll dough on a cornmeal-covered counter
 Place dough in pizza pan
 For a thin, crispy crust, place toppings on dough and bake immediately
 For a thicker, chewier crust, allow dough to rise 15-30 minutes before
 adding toppings.
 Place pizza on the bottom rack of oven (Preheated to 500 degrees) 5-10 min.
 We filled our pizzas with pizza sauce, rest of the black beans, tomatoes,
 zucchini, onions...
 BONUS:   Pizza Dough Chips
 I rolled out the left over dough and cut it into 'chip' size squares and
 baked them in the oven. The next day, I fixed one of our favorites, Bean
 Salsa (from this list) and we used these 'chips' for dipping.  One problem
 with the 'pizza dough chips' - they puffed up like 'puff balls'.  Next time I
 am going to prick each 'chip' with a fork.
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