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pilaf-2 recipe

Date:    Thu, 15 Sep 94 14:37:00 CDT
 From:    Nimbus Couzin (nimbus@physics.purdue.edu)
 Pilaf..(vegan, tested, yummy)
 Ok... a simple recipe, that can easily become a staple :
 Find a big pan, into it, toss :
 brown rice (fill about a quarter of the pot)
 lentils (about half as much as the rice you just put in); brown,
         yellow, green, etc...split peas?.....
 onions (a whole bunch, depends on pot size)
 veggies  (eggplants, cubed, maybe one or two; OR green/red peppers; OR
           veggie of choice - mushrooms?)
 garlic (as much as you like. Lots for me of course)
 Now add lots of good indian spices : turmeric, cumin (lots), coriander, 
           whatever else you like, ginger powder (fresh is better), 
 The pot will be pretty full now, hopefully less than 2/3 full...Fill most
 of the way with water  (3/4), cover, bring to a boil, then simmer for about
 forty five minutes....You will now have a huge pot full of excellent food!
 OH!!!!! I forgot about the dried chili peppers - I put about five to eight in,
 but  I make a huge pot.. trial and error will be necessary to avoid making it
 too hot, but they are crucial for me at least....
 The result is very low fat, high in fiber, moderate in protein (perhaps a bit
 high because it is a beany food), complete with lots of good veggies!! Quick
 to make, and can be saved and reheated as needed...
 kwvegan vegan