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couscous-pilaf recipe

Date:    25 Aug 93 12:54:06 -0900
 From:    "Ari Kornfeld" (ari_kornfeld@qm.sri.com)
 I like couscous - it is very simple to prepare and has an interesting
 texture.  The following recipe took me around 20 minutes from start to
 eat and that was with alot of fiddling in between.  This recipe also
 includes "balsamic fried" onions.  I love the taste (thanks FFers for
 introducing me to this) and will never go back to regular frying
 1 cup couscous
 1 1/4 cup water
 1 medium onion
 balsamic vinegar
 1 (peice???) celery
 cumin to taste
 chile pasillo to taste (this is not a hot chile)
 other spices?
 - chop onion, heat frying pan on medium/high flame, pour in enough balsamic v.
 to cover the bottom generously.  add onions.  stir onions until they have been
 coated with balsamic then cover and cook, stirring occasionally until onions
 are translucent but not limp.  at this point the onion should be a little
 crunchy and very sweet.  If you chopped the onion coarsely chop some more right
 in the pan.
 - while onion is frying, heat up the water to boil
 - chop celery
 - mix all dry ingredients - use lots of currants (if you don't have currants
 use raisins but currant are more compatible - especially in size.)
 - when water boils turn off heat and add all dry ingredients (or add celery a
 minute earlier - that's what i did last night and it worked nicely.) stir then
 cover for five minutes
 - around halfway through the five minutes add the fried onions, stir in and
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