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bulgar-wheat-pilaf recipe

Date:    Fri, 06 Aug 93 09:00:32 PDT
 From:    Jan Gordon (jagordon@AGSM.UCLA.EDU)
 Subject: bulgar wheat pilaf recipe                                          
 I had a friend to dinner last night and served the Chilean Black-Eyed 
 Peas and Winter Squash from Lindsay Wagner's _The higher Road to 
 Health_.  As a side dish I made bulgar wheat pilaf (recipe to follow) to 
 which my friend commented, "Please excuse me if I don't eat that, isn't 
 bulgar wheat in tabouli?..I hate tabouli."  She had seconds of my pilaf.
 bring 3 cups water or vegetabe broth to boil (I used water and added 
 veggie chicken broth mix for flavor and saltiness)
 add one head celery, chopped
 one large onion, sliced thin
 simmer 5 minutes
 add 2 cups bulgar wheat
 simmer on low about 25 minutes
 turn off heat and let stand 5 or more minutes
 I have also made this a one pot meal, adding more vegetables such as 
 sliced mushrooms, green beans or peas, you get the idea.  Toss in some 
 herbs, too, can't hurt.
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