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pasta-odoole recipe

Date:    Wed, 08 Feb 95 14:32:28 PST
 From:    "Berger, Jennifer N." (Berger@courier4.aero.org)
 This is an old family treat that my Mom used to make when Dad was out of 
 town since he hates beans... and I made this last night since Dad was out of 
 town. My brother and I scarfed it down. Yum. Variations of this recipe can 
 be found in many cookbooks.
 Pasta O'doole
 1 package of small seashells or macaroni
 1 can of great northern beans (no other beans taste as good as these)
 16 ounces of tomato sauce (use the plain variety not the spaghetti sauce)
 Mix beans (with the liquid) with the tomato sauce and heat. Prepare pasta 
 and toss with sauce. Add tons of black pepper and eat. I used a jumbo can of 
 diced tomatoes and pureed them instead since I was out of the plain tomato 
 sauce. Guess what I ate for lunch today?? This.
 kwvegan vegan