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pasta-mushroom-sauce recipe

Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 02:17:30 GMT
From: draccor@value.net

This is what I had for dinner tonight.

Pasta with Mushroom Sauce

3oz mushrooms
1 1/2cup soy milk (or whatever you use)
1t thyme
1 small bay leaf
3oz corn
6oz spaghetti

Slice mushrooms add to a pan with milk, thyme and bay leaf.
Boil for a couple of minutes. Add parsley and cover for 30
minutes to let flavors mix.  Cook pasta, add corn a few
minutes before it is done.  Thicken sauce with cornstarch.
Drain pasta and mix with sauce.

I added garlic powder. I forgot the corn, doh!  Oh well.
I love mushrooms and I get tired of regular spaghetti

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