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macaroni-dish recipe

Date: Mon, 14 Aug 1995 22:54:26 -0400 (EDT)
 From: Diane Morrissey (tree@pbfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us)
 There is no name for this recipe, I just put it together and it is quick 
 and tasty.
 One 12 oz. box of Elbow Macaroni (can use Whole Wheat kind) cooked for 10 
 minutes and drained. To that add the following:
 1 15 oz. container Polly-O free Ricotta
 Ground garlic powder (as much as you want)
 2 handfulls of fat free Parmesian Cheese ( I like Kraft)
 1 - 15 oz container Contadina Light Vegetable Saice (refrigerated section 
 of your grocery store.)
 Mix together. Put into a baking dish. Pour one 8 oz. can of Contadina 
 Tomato sauce over the top.
 You can bake this in a regular oven about 350 degrees until set or do in 
 microwave at 50% power. Sprinkle a little more Parm. Cheese on top.
 kwlacto lacto