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summer-pasta-salad recipe

Date:    Mon, 27 Sep 93 07:48:32 PDT
 From:    gloria@mri.com
 Late Summer Pasta Salad
 1	Small red onion, finely chopped
 1	Red bell pepper, finely chopped
 1	Yellow bell pepper, finely chopped
 1+ T	Fresh basil, chopped
 ~6	Fresh button mushrooms, chopped
 1/2 lb	Cooked pasta
 	Fatfree salad dressing to taste
 	Dried oregano to taste
 	Garlic powder to taste	
 	Vegetable seasoning salt to taste
 	  (I use Spike) or soy sauce
 	Fresh ground pepper to taste
 Mix everything together and let marinate
 for as long as you can wait!
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