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orange-muffins recipe

Date:    Fri, 14 May 93 08:30:56 PDT
 From:    rfelix@netcom.com (Robbie Felix)
 Here is a rough recipe that I use and find awesome:
 Orange muffins
 Arrohead Mills Bran muffin Mix
 N-ergy egg substitute
 1 whole orange
 frozen concentrated orange juice
 dried pineapple(no added sugar or honey)
 Make the muffin recipe on the Bran muffin Mix package *except* don't
 use oil or fat, substitute the orange juice concentrate for the honey.
 Use egg substitute according to package directions instead of egg.
 Grind whole orange in blender ( even peels) and add with pineapple to
 the mix. You will probably need to add a little extra dry muffin mix
 to offset the gooiness of the additional moisture.
 Bake as directed. 
 They generally stick to the paper muffin cups at first, but they will
 come off easily after sitting around for a day.
 kwvegan vegan