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veg-menudo recipe

Date:    Thu, 10 Feb 94 08:08:13 MST
 From:    Greg Beary (gbeary@advtech.uswest.com)
 Vegetarian Menudo
 	2 cans of hominy (undrained)
 	1 bag of frozen lima beans (16oz I think)
 	1 bag of frozen black-eyed peas (16oz) 
 	1 bag of frozen corn (16oz)
  	2 large onions
 	3 cloves of garlic
 	1 large can of tomatoes (crushed)
 	1/4 to 1/2 bag of menudo spices (sold in your Mexican food aisle)
 	hot chiles to taste
 	8 cups of the veggie stock (or water if you boost the seasonings)
  	1. Saute the onions/chiles in the manner you like. I just chop them
 	in the food processor (they come out very moist) with several 
 	hot chiles, dump them in a large FarberWare pot and start "frying"
 	them. When they start to stick, add the liquid of your choice (I
 	use red wine) and scrape all the stuff off the bottom of the pan.
 	Add the menudo seasonings and garlic. Let everything stick again.
         This time "deglaze" the pot by adding the tomatoes (crushed with 
 	the juice) and scraping the bottom of the pot.
 	2. Add all the other ingredients and stir well. This is a "to your
 	taste dish", so you should check and adjust the seasonings. This 
 	can be somewhat of a issue if you've never had menudo. The soup should
 	should be spicy, but the taste of the hominy should come through. 
 	Add whatever it takes to make it taste good to you (salt, pepper,
 	hot pepper, more menudo seasoning, etc.). 
 	3. Simmer until everythings cooked (about 20-30 min).
 	4. Serve the menudo with finely chopped raw onion, dried hot peppers,
 	a jar of oregano, and small wedges of lemon. (You may not need the 
 	lemon. Traditionally, I think its used to cut the "fat" of the tripe).
 	You add as much of the condiments as you like (oregano is a
 	predominant seasoning in menudo) and serve the soup in a large bowl
 	with hot tortillas on the side. I like to dip the tortillas in the 
 	soup / or spoon some of the broth and veggies into a bit of tortilla
 	and eat it. 
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