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spanish-tortilla recipe

Date:    Thu, 28 Apr 94 12:22:23 EDT
 From:    thorp@pobox.upenn.edu
 Spanish Tortilla (as told to me by an authentic Spaniard, with my vlf mods.)
 Ok, PER PERSON, 1 medium to large baking potato, equivalent of 1 egg, 1/4
 of a spanish onion, minced.
 In a skillet, saute the potato (chopped into small chunks, I usually slice
 it thinly, and then halve or quarter the slices) and the onion in cooking
 spray (or your favorite saute method) until the potatoes are done, and the
 onions are translucent. This will have to be over low heat, because you
 don't want to BROWN the potatoes...just cook them. Remove from heat, and
 add egg replacer.
 In a skillet, heat cooking spray. (you want the pan pretty hot). Pour in
 potato and egg mixture, and slightly reduce heat (sorta medium). Cook until
 pretty set, and bottom is "done" (like an omlette). Turn off the heat. Yes,
 off. Take a large dinner plate, and invert it over the skillet (so the  top
 is facing the egg.) Flip the skillet upsidedown, supporting the plate. Now
 you have the uncooked side on the plate, and are looking at the top of the
 omelett when you lift the skillet. Ok, if anything is stuck to the skillet,
 remove it, and then readminister spray, and heat. SLIIIDE the potato-egg
 thing onto the skillet again, uncooked side down. Cook until done. She
 recommends tucking the sides under a little so you have a "finished"
 looking product.
 kwovo ovo