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quick-mexican-dinner recipe

Date: Fri, 01 Aug 1997 15:42:15
 From: "Michael M. Rosenblatt" (podtrst@isomedia.com)
 Quick Mexican Dinner:
 1 cup rice (white for non-McDougalers)--non-instant
 2 1/4 cups water
 1 can low sodium black beans
 1 package FF tortillas
 4 Vegetarian FF hot dogs (preferably low sodium)
 1 chopped fresh tomato
 1/2 chopped onion
 1/2 C Dixie Diners Cheese NOT sauce or Nutritional yeast flakes
 1/2 cup water to reconstitute nutritional yeast flakes
 Mexican seasonings:
 Cilantro to taste
 various peppers, from mild to hot or none at all
 to taste, chopped
 Prepared Mexican seasonings	
 Start by making rice:
 Boil water in sauce pan and add rice, put on very low simmer
 for 25 minutes. Try to leave cover on for entire period of time.
 Use a timer.
 Saute tomatoes, onions, peppers and chopped veggie hot dogs
 in a pan, sprinkle with paprika. Don't over-cook and make
 everything soggy. Add choices of spices and peppers if
 you like the recipe hot and spicy. No pan spray should
 be necessary if you keep the heat low. 
 Heat up black beans in microwave, remove excess water
 so it isn't runny. 
 Bring the water to boil in a sauce pan and add the
 yeast. Lower flame immediately and stir until well
 mixed. Add additional water to make the "cheese"
 sauce pour easily. Do this as the last step. 
 Serve: Wrap saute in tortillas on plate, serve beans
 and rice on the side and allow every diner to put the
 cheese sauce where they want it. This entire recipe
 takes just about as long as it takes to cook the rice.
 Don't use BREWER'S yeast. Use Nutritional yeast which
 has a distinct yellow color--best of all, use Dixie
 Diner's Cheese NOT. It's very tasty. Like most 
 Mexican style recipes, there are a million ways to
 modify this. But if you are tired and in a hurry and
 have unexpected guests, this one works with very 
 little time and trouble for almost any number of diners.
 For college students it is also very cheap. 
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