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pita-burritos recipe

Date:    19 Mar 94 15:28:58 EST
 From:    David.B.Robinson@Dartmouth.EDU (David B. Robinson)
 1 bag of whole wheat, FF pita bread
 2 cans of black beans
 1 pound of rice
 1 can of salsa (whatever brand you prefer)
 Cook the rice (I found a bag of a mix of brown & wild rice - I recommend
 that!).  Drain the juice from the cans of beans, fill the can with water, and
 drain again (this is an attempt to reduce the amout of salt in the beans -
 between the beans & the salsa, the sodium in this is quite high).  Mix the
 beans and the rice and the salsa.  Stuff the mixture into the pitas.  You're
 kwvegan vegan