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nopalitos recipe

Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 16:27:23 PDT
From: "pamela tovar" (pamela_tovar@hotmail.com)
Message-Id: (19990530232723.55268.qmail@hotmail.com)

i make NOPALITOS (a kind of cactus very popular in mexico)

nopalitos recipe

one pounds of nopales
half  onion,
one tomatoe
two chiles serranos  (or chile jalapeņo)

cut into little pices the nopales, the put them into boiling water,
and cook for 7 minutes, drain them and let the nopales be cool, cut
the onion, tomato and chiles into little pices and add to the fresh
nopales, just add salt to sasoned and is delicius, you can eat with a
tortilla as a taco, or with a cracker as a snack

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