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burritos recipe

Date:    Sat, 28 Aug 93 12:07:18 MDT
 From:    Greg Beary (gbeary@advtech.uswest.com)
 	a package of chapatis
 	a small can of corn kernels
 	a large can of "no fat" refried beans (black ones are good)`
 	6 roasted New Mexican hot chillies
 	3 baked potatoes
 	1 jar Pace pico de galo
 Heat the beans, chillies, and corn together in a large pot
 over a low heat and stir frequently so the beans don't stick.
 When they are approaching temperature,(they "huff and puff" small
 clouds of steam), heat a small frying pan. I think it was Michelle
 who raved about Circulon several weeks ago and got me to buy one of
 their "trial pans". It's about eight inches round has almost no 
 "lip", and is super non-stick. I use this to heat the chapatis for
 about 30 seconds each, or until they're hot to the touch.
 To assemble, spoon about 3 tbs of the bean/corn/chilli mixture onto
 a chapati. For those of you new to burritos, the "stripe" of beans
 should be about two inches in from the edge of the chapati. The 
 "stripe" should be about 1 inch wide and about 1/2 an inch thick.
 Dot the beans with slices of baked potato (cut about 1/8 inch thick).
 Top the potatoes with 2-3 tsp of the pico de galo. Now roll up the
 chapati and tuck the edges in, or just squeeze the edges together.
 These burritos are good when first assembled, but I especially 
 like them cold the next day for lunch.
 kwvegan vegan